HUN'na Summit 

As a community organization, HUN’na Summit is hosting an annual event that will bring together  and celebrate athletes and adventurers in Oman and from the MENA region. There will be two events,

a local summit which will involve the athletes and adventurers from across Oman, and a summit that will  be on a regional level from the MENA region.

The summit will involve a yearly gathering in Oman filled with activities, networking events, and a chance  to celebrate achievements in female sports and adventures together. This will be an event that will also promote Oman as a destination by targeting a different region every year.



The summit is an annual event that will bring together the female athletes and adventurers  from all regions in the

Sultanate of Oman.

The event will take place on a weekend annually, which will involve activities such as trekking,  camps, talks and lectures in the outdoors.

This event will create a community of sports and adventures across the country, where  knowledge and experience will be exchanged, that will serve the growth of the individual, the  sport and the community.



This annual event brings together the women adventurers and athletes from the MENA region.  The event will take place for approximately five  days targeting a region every year.


This is the first gathering of its kind for females in the Arab world and the first of its kind in the Gulf. 


This event will serve the athletes and adventurers, and Oman to be defined as a key destination for them.

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